Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ambridge Film Club

It's a little known fact that when the microphones fall silent on a Saturday, the good folk of Ambridge take the opportunity to gather in the Village Hall for one of the great social events of the week: Ambridge Film Club.

Here's the Club's self-selected top ten:

Ambridge Chainsaw Massacre
Kathy sends Jamie off to work without sandwiches. He gets a little cross.

Fiddler on the Roof
Lizzie invites Iffy to a twilight rendezvous. Quite who does the fiddling is only revealed in the final reel.

Bring me the Veg of Alfredo Garcia
Pat packs the veg boxes.

There's a Girl in My Soup
An extended dream sequence featuring Tony Archer.

The not-so-merry Widow
Tragic sequel to Fiddler on the Roof

Les Miserables
Lunch at Bridge Farm.

The Life and Times of a young Archer. Sometimes known as A Baste of Henry.

Oh! What a Lovely Door
Handy D.I.Y. tips from Robert Snell.

Meet the Tuckers
An amusing tale of uncomfortable social misunderstandings, ballroom dancing and confectionery based double-entendre.

Saving Brian's Privates
Another close shave (in more ways than one) for the cravat-wielding megalomaniac.

Next week: Ambridge's Top Ten TV programmes. Suggestions for these, or other favourite films, can be posted below or directly to @TonysConsultant.

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